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The Celtic Cross urn necklace is a popular style selection for our families. Delicate filigree desig..
We picked the dogwood blossom to recreate an urn pendant that reflect the spirit of spring, renewal ..
Sparkling dolphin urn jewelry holds a small loving memento of ash to remind you of the free spirit t..
The Four Leaf Clover urn necklace is a popular style with our families shopping for Celtic Irish urn..
Sterling silver heart urn necklace with filigree inlay. Urn jewelry pendants are a tender way to pre..
The Italian Horn Cremation Necklace holds a small amount of ashes.In many cultures, the horn is..
Silver urn pendant styled by American jewelers in the classic fish symbol to represent the..
Sterling silver maple leaf cremation pendant is a piece of fine jewelry that doubles as a necklace u..
Pet Urn Jewelry is for pet owners who want to keep their beloved friend close to their heart. This g..
Cremation jewelry fashioned into the universal symbol of peace an transformed into a way to memorial..
Our Remembrance Ribbon urn pendant can be worn as a statement to promote awareness of your special c..
Cremation jewelry styled as a conch shell has a rich tradition in nautical legends and folklore as i..
Families love our fine jewelry urn necklaces and the star is special as it represents the power and ..
Discreet and delicate tear drop urn pendant holds a small amount of ashes or other small loving meme..
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Sterling silver urn memorial necklace holds a small loving memento. This classic urn pendant can be ..
This is a premium bronze cremation urn and the sculptor captures the lofty spirit of the Americ..
Raku pottery with hand carved sacred white horse interlaced with celtic knots that represent victory..
This little cremation urn is a regal sculpted mallard to pay tribute to the unique and delightful sp..
Small green turtle cremation urn is hand painted and studded with crystals, giving it a little extra..
Our stone song bird garden statue adds a whimsical touch in your flower bed or memorial garden. Urn ..
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The lofty spirit and journey of the majestic eagle is captured in our Spirit of America bronze crema..
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Our Spring Seasons of Life blown glass funeral urns are iridescent and luminous in rich shades of na..
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Our highly polished Stainless Steel Flask Urn jewelry holds a small loving memento and can be engrav..
Heart shaped memorial stones with touching verses are a great way to dedicate a memorial garden or s..
Our Stars in the Sky memorial stones is a great way to dedicate a memorial garden or special plantin..