John Hamilton 03/31/2021

Very pleased with the whole experience, and not the first urn we've purchased.
We knew what we wanted and found a great selection, competitive pricing, and free fast shipping.
What please me the most was the packaging.
Other urns we've purchased came packed with the always-a-nuisance Styrofoam packing peanuts. Every time creating a complete mess that needs immediate clean-up.
The Urn Garden urn arrived in a very sturdy box that fit the urn perfectly -- no messy peanuts.
That box was in the delivery box with other packing materials, it arrived in perfect condition.
Another thing, the urn arrived with a velvet bag that is a perfect size to hold the urn.
I believed it could be used for either the urn itself, or the ashes which go in the urn! Brilliant.

All in all, the experience is one I looked upon and was wholly satisfied; as I say, I expect to become a repeat customer when the need arises in the future.

James in Virginia 02/10/2021

I am quite pleased with the Celtic Urn and the engraving was perfect, I am sure my wife is very happy with her new home.

Michelle, New York 02/05/2021

I did receive the urn and it's quite lovely - thank you so much.

Patricia in Virginia 12/15/2020

Thank you for this beautiful urn,

Pam, Wisconsin 09/25/2020

The Urn arrived in a timely manner, packaged nicely.
The family loved the color
My husband would have been very pleased