Colleen 01/11/2023

Couldnt get a more perfect urn. My father commented it is beautiful. Family from galway and wanted to honor moms family heritage. Shes been too Ireland 3xs and so in love with Ireland.
Love you Mom always xox

Brian. Canada 01/09/2023

Thank you very much. The Urn looks beautiful, and very much appropriate to our Irish heritage.

Sherri G 01/03/2023

This urn is absolutely beautiful!!! I love it for my Irish Pop's ashes. The company sent the urn to the mortuary and everything went great timing-wise. The engraving is lovely and I cried when it arrived at my door!! Thank you!

Wendy P 04/19/2022

I couldn’t be more happy with this urn as well as the service received from Urn Garden. The urn is lovely, the quality is fantastic and the engraving was perfect. I’m glad that one of the posted questions asked about where to put the engraving. If you have it engraved under the cross, the cross would have to be reduced quite a bit. One of the previous suggestions said to have the engraving on the back which we did. I’m real happy with how this turned out. It was delivered within 5 days of me placing the order. I am so happy that I chose this company.

Jessica 08/06/2021

Your services were GREATLY appreciated