( Gata ) Q:

Will you be restocking this urn, or is it sold out indefinitely?


Yes, should be back in stock in the next few days (might be next week). Would you like to be added to waiting list? 

( Rachel ) Q:

How much will this urn hold? I have cats that range from 8 lbs to 14lbs and was wondering if it will hold up to 14lbs when the time comes.


Yes, this will work for you. 

( Deborah ) Q:

Do you offer a small engraved platform for this urn?e


Sorry, we don't.

( marcia ) Q:

Do you ship to Brasil? If yes, how much? Thanks.


Sorry, USA only. 

( Glen ) Q:

Hi. I live in Alberta, Canada. I am very interested in 23-1510 Egyptian Bastet Pet Urn. Do you ship to Canada?Thanks!


Sorry, we do not ship outside USA.