( Stacey ) Q:

How how do you take the lid off the seista beach key urn I’m interested in and I would like the personal message at front of the urn how much is it to Birmingham uk area


Lid is threaded. We only ship to US.

( SM ) Q:

Will you please send me a picture of an engraving in the sand? Do you sell Urn Vaults?


We don't have any pictures of the engraving in the sand. Also we have limited vaults. Search vaults in search bar.

( Anne Cooney ) Q:

I am interested in this urn. Will it be back in stock August, 2020? Or later. May I put one on hold?


These will probably be in in the next couple of weeks. Email your name and telephone number to info@urngarden.com to be put on the waiting list.

( Rene Van Someren ) Q:

This URN (item 23-2317) is shown with two scenes. One (with engraving) s brighter than the unengraved Urn. We like the brighter (engraved scene).IHow do we get the brighter one? Is there a visible seam from the picture overlay on the Urn?


The ones we have are the one that is pictured with no engraving. That is all we have. We don't think there is an overlay on the seam.


( Barb ) Q:

Will this urn hold 2 to 3 pounds of ash?