( Jennifer Snyder ) Q:

What is the cubic inch volume capacity of this urn?


This is a full size adult urn. 200 cubic inch. 

( Lowell Lamb ) Q:

Hi. Re: 23-3266-A One of your pictures shows a name. Is this a sample of your engraving option? -or another service? Thanks.


Yes, we offer engraving options for Happy Hummingbird. It does cost extra and we are showing an example in the photo. 

( Bruce Edwards ) Q:

What is the full price including tax and shipping to my location here in Virginia


85 + 15 s/h=$100. Want it engraved? Price would be $130, ships free via ground service. 

( Crissy ) Q:

Is this an adult size urn?


Yes, this is a full size adult urn.