( Paula Simao ) Q:

This Egyptian Cat Urn, does it come with the Cat attached to the cover? Pictures are a little confusing as you show it with the cat and then the urns without the cat. I am very interested but I would like the cat permanently attached to the cover. Thank you.


The cat is attached to the lid. Thanks for the feedback on the image of the marble. We're just showing contrast in the natural stone. 


( Andrea ) Q:

Hi, how do we select the black color when ordering? Thanks!


There is no color choice at this time, black is the only color available. 

( George Cochran ) Q:

I had called a few days ago about getting a black one of these urns. You said that they should be coming in and you would email or call me. I just was wondering if you had got them in or not yet. My # is 573-480-5241


They are scheduled to arrive in our warehouse later today. I put them back in stock on the site.