Could we see a preview of our layout? Once we have placed the order, with engraving of name/dates/etc - How long does it take to get done in your shop and then shipped out ? Shipping to Florida might take ?..... how long ?


We do not do proofs for these items. If engraved they will ship out 2-3 business days after order is placed. You would have it in FL in about 3 days.


We love this urn - we are preplanning for our father. How long does it take to have it engraved? Can we order it ahead of time and have you hold on to it until after his passing? Please let me know. Thank you


We don't typicaly do holds. Engraving takes an additional 2 business days. 

( Carol Mauzey ) Q:

My Mom is preplanning, she likes this urn. When will it be able to order?


Hope to have back in at the end of the week. 7/24/20

( Meghan ) Q:

Will you be getting this back in stock?


Soon. We are hoping Monday, but any day now.

( Kelly ) Q:

Can you overnight to California tomorrow or ship to canada


We do not ship to Canada. You can check rates for overnight shipping by proceeding to cart and entering zip code and state. Engraved orders usually ship on Tues. and Thurs.