( Nancy ) Q:

What are the dimensions?


6.5" D x 10" H

( Susan Duffy ) Q:

What materials is the urn made of?



( Patty ) Q:

How much does the urn weigh? Is the urn suitable for airline travel w/remains inside? Thank you.


5 pounds empty weight. Please see this article for more information on air travel with urns

( Kathy moriarty ) Q:

How long does shipment take ?


Engraved orders ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

( Nancy Powers ) Q:

How quickly does the urn ship if we have it engraved? We would like to order today. Burial is next Friday


Depending on what state you are shipping to, and we have order by end of day on 9/5/19, we can probably meet your delivery date.