( Colette Metz ) Q:

You state you can only engrave 12 characters on the 1st line and 8 on the 2nd line. But the engraving in your display for this item shows 16 characters in the 1st line and 12 in the 2nd line. Is this is correct ? If yes , then why?


Sometimes the engraving wouldn't turn out with the larger number of characters so our engraver scaled the numbers back. 12 characters on first line and 8 on the 2nd is what we allow.

( Leslie ) Q:

The description says that a stand and storage box are included with this heart keepsake. Is this true? Other questions and answers are confusing. I will not order this unless the stand and storage box are included. Thank you for a quick response.


It is included.

( Julia Hogenbirk ) Q:

When is this blue heart shaped urn back in stock plz


Unsure. Sometime after the first of the year.

( Marisa ) Q:

Can you engrave 3 words on the front or back of this one?


Sorry, no. 

( Teri ) Q:

Can you give me a link to the correct stand for this heart


Stands are located here