( Carmen Spingarn ) Q:

What is the heart made of and is the pink one still available?


Nickle plated brass. Weighs about 4 pounds before filled. We have a small pink heart. 

( Anne ) Q:

Does this heart come in pink and is it big enough for a 12 LB DOG


Hi, I have one pink heart left. Pink w/rose. Yes, it will fit your needs. So sorry for your loss. 

( carrie ) Q:

will this heart hold a dogs ashes - my dog weighed 67 lbs prior to passing


Hi, so sorry about your pup. This urn may be a little small for your need and would be suitable for a pet weighing up to 35 pounds. 

( Marnie ) Q:

Will this urn hold the Ashes of an adult female about 150-160 lbs


Hi Marnie, the heart urn is not large enough to contain all of the ashes of an adult. By comparison, the heart holds about 30 cu in. If you plan to keep all of the ashes, you will need a container with 150-200 cubic inches. Sorry for your loss. 

( Christine Chacon ) Q:

will this hold 12.5 lbs prior to cremation?