( Jimmy Dean ) Q:

Wise Owl Keepsake Cremation Urn when will this be back in stock


Those won't be back in stock unil july. But we have two other owl keepsakes if you want to look at those.

( Traci ) Q:

When will these owl urns be back in stock?


Should be back in stock within a few weeks. We have a couple other snow owl keepsakes. Just search owl.

( Teresa A Gibney-Graeff ) Q:

how much ash does this urn hold, and how soon can it be delivered?


Holds about a pinch of ashes. This item ships from Missouri and usually takes 2-3 days to arrive anywhere in USA.

( Debbie Gerald ) Q:

Does this urn come with a box for storage and protection.


Only the box is packaged in. 

( Marlene ) Q:

Is the price in Australia dollars


Sorry, we do not ship outside USA.