( debi ) Q:

what color is the engraving


It comes through gold. Please see product description for engraving sample. 

( Kristine ) Q:

In one of the photos near the top of the urn it looks like there are the words URN GARDEN, what is that and will that be on the urn if I order one?


The urn will not have Urn Garden on it, the photo is watermarked for copyright purposes. 

( Cindy ) Q:

What smaller sizes are available for this pearl urnOfb572? Thank you!


Medium and small. 

( melissa ) Q:

I would like to get this urn engraved and delivered to my home by friday 5/25/18 would this be possible?


We can ship on Thursday, you would have to do overnight shipping to receive by Friday. Please call for further info. 

( Peter Chan ) Q:

Do you ship to Hong Kong? If yes, what smaller size do you have?


Sorry, USA only.