( Wendy Meshell ) Q:

Do you know when you will have more in stock?


We are unsure if and when we will get these back in stock. So sorry.

( Tiffany ) Q:

I really love this urn! Do you know when you’ll have more available?


Hope to have some in a few weeks. 

( Jeremiah ) Q:

Do you offer any larger urns. Loved one weighed around 230 pounds Thank you


This urn will probably work, it will be close. 

( Jon Mendoza ) Q:

Would like to know do you have this item product code 23 - CORF Feathers ceramic cremation urn If I order it today how soon can I get it, I need to know before I placed this order the services is Friday the 14th of this month March so I would need it a couple days before


This item is in stock and ships from Missouri. Depending on what state you are in, you should have in 2-4 business days with the free shipping service. 

( Teresa S Fogarty ) Q:

I have been on the waiting list since my order back in November when the one I received was broken. I see you have got some in but I have never been notified. Please...my husband's burial is coming up soon. I have been waiting 3 months. I love this piece, and he would too, and would love two. One for me....someday! Should I be looking elsewhere?


Sorry, we are still waiting too.