Do the small urns hold all of the adult ashes ( Kelly Slayton, 01/15/2024 )
Most of the small size urns will only hold a bit of cremains. The Small Cardinal Cremation Urn that you are asking about only hold a pinch or two of ashes.  ( 12/31/1969 )

I see there are two pictures of the cardinal urns. Are they two different ones to choose from ? Or the same one taken at different angles ? If it's two different ones to choose from how do I specify which one I'm wanting to order?

( Domini hunter, 02/28/2023 )

The 2nd image is the most recent. 

( 02/28/2023 )

I wanted four by December 2022, is this possible?

( Lori Forrest, 08/23/2022 )

We have more coming in a week or so. 

( 08/23/2022 )

When will these be back in stock?

( Leslie S, 03/05/2021 )

We are anticipating these back end of May beginning of June. Email at if you would like to be placed on  a waiting list and we can contact you when they become available.

( 03/11/2021 )

Does this come any larger ?

( Danielle Reyes, 11/09/2020 )

No, this is the only size.

( 11/10/2020 )