Will you please send me a picture of an engraving in the sand? Do you sell Urn Vaults?

( SM, 10/14/2020 )

We don't have any pictures of the engraving in the sand. Also we have limited vaults. Search vaults in search bar.

( 10/14/2020 )

I am interested in this urn. Will it be back in stock August, 2020? Or later. May I put one on hold?

( Anne Cooney, 08/03/2020 )

These will probably be in in the next couple of weeks. Email your name and telephone number to info@urngarden.com to be put on the waiting list.

( 08/04/2020 )

This URN (item 23-2317) is shown with two scenes. One (with engraving) s brighter than the unengraved Urn. We like the brighter (engraved scene).IHow do we get the brighter one? Is there a visible seam from the picture overlay on the Urn?

( Rene Van Someren, 07/28/2020 )

The ones we have are the one that is pictured with no engraving. That is all we have. We don't think there is an overlay on the seam.


( 07/28/2020 )

Will this urn hold 2 to 3 pounds of ash?

( Barb, 07/27/2020 )


( 07/28/2020 )

Are the urns made in America?

( Justin Majors, 07/07/2020 )


( 07/07/2020 )