My husband is 6'5" and 290lbs would this urn be able to hold of his capacity?

( AE, 02/20/2021 )

Yes, this urn should work just fine.

( 02/22/2021 )

Does this come in a smaller size? Example 3 H and 3 W. Thank you

( Nicole , 01/29/2021 )

Type in Siesta Key in the search bar. We only have a regular keepsake and a keepsake heart.

( 02/04/2021 )

What is this urn made of? Wooden? Aluminum? Something else?

( KD Master, 01/08/2021 )

Alloy Aluminum

( 01/14/2021 )

One the Siesta Key urn, is it possible to put the engraving down in the sand area? She loved her toes in the sand. Thank you.

( Terry, 11/01/2020 )

That is possible. Note that in the comments section when you are checking out.

( 11/02/2020 )

How how do you take the lid off the seista beach key urn I’m interested in and I would like the personal message at front of the urn how much is it to Birmingham uk area

( Stacey , 10/14/2020 )

Lid is threaded. We only ship to US.

( 10/15/2020 )