I would very much like Ana Egyptian cat urn for my beloved Peanut’s ashes. Please put me on a list. When might one be available?

( Chuck , 12/06/2017 )

Hope to have these back after the first of the year. 

( 12/06/2017 )

Hi, Is there any way to personalize this urn? I wanted to put my cats name and year on it. Thanks Shelly

( Shelly, 11/22/2017 )

Sorry, no. 

( 11/22/2017 )

Hello, When do you expect to have more of the Egyptian Cat Urns (black) 23-BMB? Regards, Deb

( Deb, 08/05/2017 )

Yes, might be a couple of weeks. Would you like to be added to waiting list? 

( 08/06/2017 )

When will the Egyptian Cat Urn be back in stock? I would prefer the white marble vs the black.

( Alyssa, 04/28/2017 )

We have more coming in a week or so, but it will be black marble. 

( 04/28/2017 )

When will this run be back in stock?

( Marnie, 01/20/2017 )

Hope to have it back in a couple of weeks. 

( 01/20/2017 )