Is the mouth of the opening large enough to get in a bag of ashes or is it made to pour loose ashes into?

( Betty Ouellette, 11/10/2020 )

You can get the bag in there but we suggest having the funeral home do it.

( 11/11/2020 )

Does this urn require a liner?

( Kathy Greene, 06/27/2018 )

Not sure what you mean by "liner"? 

( 06/27/2018 )

When will this be available?

( Kathy, 06/24/2018 )

Hope to have some in a couple of weeks. 

( 06/26/2018 )

I love color variation as shown in photo you have on your website, would I get that color accent? What is the total price for shipping? Thank you for your time.

( Diana Llona, 03/05/2017 )

Yes, this is the urn you will receive. 

( 03/06/2017 )

Would this urn be okay for outdoor use?

( Annie, 03/05/2017 )

It is suitable for burial. Is that what you mean? 

( 03/06/2017 )