I was wondering whether or not this urn is available in different sizes? We are separating my Mother's ashes in to 4 separate urns, so do not need adult sizes one's. Thank you.

( Jennifer, 07/15/2019 )

This is the only size. 

( 07/15/2019 )

The services for the individual are this Wednesday we are interested in engraving the Lucky Shamrock Urn is there any way to a have this done with assured delivery on Tuesday? We are willing to pay a rush fee if necessary. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

( Maribeth S Muellerleile, 04/19/2019 )

You would have to order without any personalization (names or dates) and do overnight delivery to arrive on Tuesday. Check the rates by putting urn in your cart and enter zip code and state at checkout. We would have to have order by noon CST on Monday to meet your delivery date.

( 04/19/2019 )

I would like to purchase this item for my father, he has been in ill health for sometime but has not yet expired ... I would like for him to see this urn. Can I get the first two lines engraved and return the urn for the third engraved line? The third line would be his date of birth and death.

( Mickey Jorden, 04/02/2019 )

For best results, we would need to do the engraving all at once. 

( 04/02/2019 )

How long will it take to get this urn with engraving? Macomb, Michigan

( Mandy Pittman, 02/18/2019 )

Depending on when you place order, we can ship on Tuesday or Thursday. 2-3 Business days to arrive in MI. 

( 02/18/2019 )

I need one extra space in the top line.. is this possible?

( Megan, 04/07/2018 )

Try it now, I added a space to line 1.

( 04/09/2018 )