How do you add the cremains to the urn? Is there a funnel included?

( Karen, 05/22/2017 )

This loads from the top. There is no funnel included, but you could use a funnel or call a funeral home in your area to do the transfer. 

( 05/22/2017 )

Can the engraving be opposite the cardinal, allowing for privacy of contents, if desired, when displayed? Thank you.

( Rebecca, 07/01/2016 )

We can engrave on the back side if that is what you prefer. Just note your preferred placement in the comment box when you are checking out. If there are no special instructions we use the default placement shown in the example.  

( 07/01/2016 )

will this urn holdup in outside enviroment and can a eagle be place where the cardinal is

( david, 04/29/2016 )

WHen you say outside, do you mean for burial? This is a metal urn, but the paint may not withstand the elements if it were placed outside. I would have to have more information regarding the placement of the urn to fully answer your question. This style is for the cardinal only. 

( 04/29/2016 )

will this urn be suitable for outside and hold up for a long time THANKS

( david , 02/28/2016 )

If you mean, is it suitable for burial? Then, yes. 

( 02/29/2016 )

Will this Urn be back in stock anytime soon? 23-CARD Thank you

( Steven King, 06/11/2015 )

Cardinal urns are back in stock if you are still interested. 

( 08/10/2015 )