How much does it weigh. I want to get this for a friend and would like to know how much the weight is. Trying to see my shipping cost to her. Thanks for your help

( Tee, 01/19/2016 )

About 10 pounds boxed up. 

( 01/21/2016 )

Do you ship to Canada and if so what would be the cost to Calgary Alberta ? Also how fsat ? Without engraving. Thanks, Carolyn

( Carolyn, 04/24/2015 )

Sorry we do not ship outside USA.

( 04/24/2015 )

I have a question is there anyway to seal the bottom of the lion urn my father passed and I really Love this urn but what concerns me is how sturdy is it? I have a house full of children and worry about ashes leaking or it being broken can someone give me info about this URN THANK YOU

( Mickale, 12/15/2014 )

The plug on the bottom could be reinforced with a bead or two of glue or silicone for added protection. This is a sturdy secure piece, made from resin, there's no worry about ashes leaking, however, resin can chip if it were to fall from a high place. 

( 12/15/2014 )