Do you have matching mini urns to exactly match the adult size urn pictured? I believe it is called the Platinum Cremation Urn. Thank you in advance for your help.

( Heather, 06/11/2016 )

minis are available for the Platinum. 

( 06/13/2016 )

The large picture and smaller picture don't look like the same urn.

( Mickey, 03/22/2016 )

You are correct. The first image is the actual urn. Smaller image showing the locket is an older style. 

( 03/22/2016 )

Can you please tell me the size of an adult that this urn will hold? Thank you

( Mickey, 03/22/2016 )

Up to 220 pounds. 

( 03/22/2016 )

Am doing a pre-need arrangement with mortuary place but do not like their selection of URNS. I LOVE this one and would ike to have two of the same since they will eventually house the remains of my parents. my parents haven't expired yet but want to have theses before you sell out. How does the engravement happen then? should I wait to order locket? or do I order now and send locket back to you at the needed time? Will there be symmetry in terms of font choice for lockets? since they will be done at different times. Please help me coordinate this since I have to chose something soon. thanks.

( Wanda, 10/09/2015 )

We can ship you the blank lockets and you can have engraved at any jeweler, trophy or sign shop in your area. If you want the lettering to match, just choose a simple Times New Roman or Ariel font that any engraver can easily duplicate. 

( 10/09/2015 )