Out Of Stock White Feather Ceramic Cremation Urn

White Feather Ceramic Cremation Urn

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( Wendy Meshell ) Q:

Do you know when you will have more in stock?


We are unsure if and when we will get these back in stock. So sorry.

( Tiffany ) Q:

I really love this urn! Do you know when you’ll have more available?


Hope to have some in a few weeks. 

( Jeremiah ) Q:

Do you offer any larger urns. Loved one weighed around 230 pounds Thank you


This urn will probably work, it will be close. 

( Jon Mendoza ) Q:

Would like to know do you have this item product code 23 - CORF Feathers ceramic cremation urn If I order it today how soon can I get it, I need to know before I placed this order the services is Friday the 14th of this month March so I would need it a couple days before


This item is in stock and ships from Missouri. Depending on what state you are in, you should have in 2-4 business days with the free shipping service. 

( Teresa S Fogarty ) Q:

I have been on the waiting list since my order back in November when the one I received was broken. I see you have got some in but I have never been notified. Please...my husband's burial is coming up soon. I have been waiting 3 months. I love this piece, and he would too, and would love two. One for me....someday! Should I be looking elsewhere?


Sorry, we are still waiting too. 

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Ceramic cremation urn created by American artists and inspired by American Indian pottery and burial jars. Feathers symbolize the flight of the spirit. Many ancient cultures from Celtic Druids, Egyptians, and early Christians used feathers to communicate virtues such as charity, hope, faith, and flight.The feathers are hand carved and baked into the clay, the urn has a creamy crackle finish, also known as horse hair and is fired using the ancient Raku firing process and is a beautiful work of art.

This is a good choice for families that want to either keep the ashes in the home and spread or do a burial of the ashes at a later date. 

  • Urn is suitable for adult weighing up to 180 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 11" H x 7" W
  • Lid can be sealed with any clear household adhesive.
  • Made In USA
  • Glaze styles may vary. Handcrafted one of kind items can have variations. 
3 reviews
We are elated with are purchase of the feather urn. We looked at many places with many urns and this one was the best value plus fit with our late father in law being he was half Native American and we think this urn honors him and his heritage. We had his ashes put in today. Only thing was he weighed 165 and was cremated and today the lady who transferred said he just made it in there. So may want to take in consideration if loved one is far more big. We want to thank Urn Garden for being here for us in our troubled times. God bless.
3 reviews
My husband picked out this urn on behalf of my mother. Everything about this urn is absolutely PERFECT- not to mention that the seller/company that provided this urn was prompt, professional and courteous. We did not receive a lot of "junk" advertisements inside of the packaging either.The urn itself is SUBSTANTIAL in size & weight. A very heavy piece of pottery/artwork. Feels of high quality. VERY beautiful color & well made around. The feather design is very fitting to our personal needs. The feathers are engraved/etched into the side of the urn, then filled with a smooth glazing or something which gives both raised and indented textures that mimic the realistic look of a feather. It has a very nice finish... a traditional Japanese style of pottery/art. NOT cheaply made. Included proper adhesive & care card for the urn.
3 reviews
This urn is so beautiful and was the perfect design for my best friend. It's difficult to tell from pictures, but the feathers are textured which adds to their real feather look. The urn arrived exactly when it was supposed to, which eliminated a lot of stress at a very difficult time.

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