Out Of Stock Egyptian Anubis Pet Urn

Egyptian Anubis Pet Urn

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( loesje ) Q:

what is the shipping cost ? Shipping to Ca 92782 How much does it weigh?


$10 ship. 4 pounds.

( Darin Topham ) Q:

with such a narrow base, has there been a problem at all with it falling over?



( Jennifer Martin ) Q:

I am looking for an urn for recently passed chinese crested dog named Cleopatra. Do you have any Anubis with Cleopatra on the urn? Thank you, Jennifer


So sorry for your loss. This urn has various Egyptian gods and goddesses on it, however, at this time we do not have one with Cleopatra. 

( Jackie Aspinall ) Q:

Do you ship to the United Kingdom? If you do can you please advise me what the shipping charges would be?


Sorry, we do not ship outside USA. 

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Anubis pet urn is a replica of ancient canopic jars found in the Egyptian tombs. Bronze tone with hand painted details and bas relief hieroglyphics include Horus and other images thought to protect the dead on their journey.

  • Suitable for pets weighing up to 60 pounds
  • 10" H x 5" W
  • Material: Resin
  • Lid can be sealed with any household glue.
4 reviews
I have received the urn. It's SO BEAUTIFUL! I can not thank you enough! God bless you! Your company is definitely a 5 star in every way. I will highly recommend you to everyone I know. Again, many thanks.
4 reviews
This beautiful urn arrived in perfect shape and quickly. It is housing my earthly remains of my beloved heart dog Rio who was my show, performance, work dog and above all my best friend. After he was taken by cancer and I had to make the difficult decision the search was on for his urn. This fits him to a T with who Anubis is. The price was just right and it tells who my Rio was.
4 reviews
We ordered this urn for our dog and were very pleased with the product.
4 reviews
Received the urns. Ordered them on a whim & am totally overwhelmed & pleased with them. I plan ordering more & the name tags to go with them! Thanks!!

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