Bronze Cremation Urns

Bronze Cremation Urns

Our premium bronze cremation urn collection is a beautiful blend of rich copper and other metals blended to create a memorial that lasts a lifetime.

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Our solid bronze deer cremation urn makes a beautiful memorial for the deer hunter or nature lover. ..
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The bronze shell urn represents the free spirit and power of the ocean. In legend and folklore, the ..
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The bronze fireman helmet is a cremation urn that represents the courage and loyal spirit of the fir..
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The lofty spirit and journey of the majestic eagle is captured in our Spirit of America bronze crema..
Cremation urn that captures the free flowing spirit of the sea turtle in our Glider Sea Turtle ..
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We've tried to capture the fierce beauty and proud independence of the American Eagle in a bronze cr..
The lighthouse urn is a beautiful solid bronze urn that commemorates the light of your life. If your..
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Cremation urns that allow you to create a memorial in your home that is elegant and understated. Bay..
Our bronze companion urn is a heart shaped double capacity vessel designed to hold the ashes of two ..
Beautiful solid bronze memorial that can be displayed in the home without drawing attention to the f..
Our Pinecone Bronze Cremation Urn uses the ancient symbol for eternal life. The pinecone has been fe..
Our highly detailed bronze griffin cremation urn is created by a world renowned urn designer.  ..
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With the exception of steel, bronze is superior to iron in nearly every application and will usually be some of the heaviest cremation urns, weighing in the range of 25-45 pounds and commands a higher price due to the artistry and casting process involved.

American artists use both the ancient lost wax and casting styles to produce these unique urns. Natural finishes, highly polished or painted surfaces, as well as an aged or patterned patina are available. The creation of premium bronze urn is a complex process and takes a 2-4 weeks from start to finish. Learn more about the art of the lost wax process here.

  • Made in America
  • Premium Work of Art
  • Lasts Forever

A bronze urn will last forever and can serve as a monument or highly stylized memorial for your loved one. We use American artists and foundries to create and cast our bronze cremation urns that double as fine art sculptures. If you can dream it, we can create and cast it. These talented craftsmen not only serve the funeral industry but also service architects, museums and collectors to produce quality large scale art installations. Animals and wildlife are a popular request. Deer, elk, and the eagle are family favorites, as well as military, veteran, and firefighter themes. Some of the bronze urns can be ordered in a small size to use for a cremation keepsake.

Best Reasons to Buy Bronze

Artists use ancient and modern techniques in the foundry to create not only cremation urns, but life size sculpture, monuments, prestigous awards, and collectible art work. the lost wax technique is a facinating and intricate process that you can learn more about here. Some of our creations include:

  • President Clinton bust for the Clinton Library
  • Bronze bust and plaque of Pope John Paul II
  • Revolutionary War Monument, Salem Virgina
  • 6.5 foot tall Albert and Alberta Gator Mascots

In addition to the traditional mediums such as clay and wax, we work with a variety of materials like wood, leather, and even people to produce the molds to cast a bronze sculpture. In addition, we have in-house sculptors that can use an image from a photograph, illustration or sketch, 3D digital file formats, or an explained idea or concept to produce your custom memorial. Due to the custom nature of our bronze cremation urns please allow a minimum 2 week lead time for production. Certain times of the year can be 6-8 weeks.