Biodegradable Tree Urn for Human Ashes

Biodegradable Tree Urn for Human Ashes

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This biodegradable urn is literally the tree of life. For families that want a more natural way to honor a life,legacy and give back to the earth, the Tree of Life urn may be the solution. 

Plant anywhere a tree can be grown, the biodegradable container can hold up to approximately 4.5 pounds of human ashes. FYI: after cremation, an average size adult will produce anywhere from 4-5 pounds of cremains, sometimes tall men as much as 7 pounds. 

Included in your purchase: 

Biodegradable urn (upper and lower compartment)
Seed of choice (enough quantity)
Fertile soil (14 oz)
Packaging with instruction

If you plan to store the tree for a while before planting, Bio Trees have an average shelf life of approximately 4 years, if stored in a cool dark place. 

Check the zone map to see what area you are in and choose from several different species to plant: 

  • Red Maple: Fast growing, commonly seen in eastern and north-central parts of the US. 40-60 feet tall at maturity. Brilliant fall color.
  • Apple: Fruit bearing as the tree matures. Cold hardy, Honeycrisp variety.
  • Cypress: Evergreen conifer, often used as ornamental, parks, garden. Salt tolerant. Size varies.
  • Ginkgo: Fan shaped leaves, green in summer, beautiful gold in the fall. Pest and pollution tolerant, often planted on urban streetscapes.
  • American Elm: Also known as White or Water Elm. Hardy and can live for hundreds of years.


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