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American Pride Military Keepsake Urn
Our solid brass keepsake cremation urn features a rich slate finish hand-engraved with an American E..
$39.99 $25.00
Based on 2 reviews.
American Pride Military Urn
American Pride cremation urn is solid brass and features a rich gun metal finish hand-engraved with ..
$185.00 $135.00
Americana Cremation Urn
Solid brass cremation urn, hand-painted in vibrant high gloss patriotic red, white, and blue. Perfec..
$225.00 $185.00
Anchors Away Cremation Urn
Midnight blue cremation urn with inlayed mother of pearl anchor, symbol of safety and strength, and ..
$185.00 $165.00
Angel & Child Keepsake Urn
Graceful angel watches over a precious child. Highly detailed angel wings, this small urn will hold ..
$75.00 $45.00
Angel of Courage Keepsake Urn
Angel of Courage keepsake cremation urn is beautifully designed to hold a portion of ashes or your m..
$99.99 $55.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Aqua Shell Deep Water Bio Urn
Hand painted shell urns are made from recycled and earth-friendly materials. Designed to float for a..
$265.00 $250.00
Aristocrat Adult Blue Cremation Urn
The Aristocrat cremation urn is a beautiful shade of blue gray with gold trim and engraved band.&nbs..
$185.00 $150.00
Athena Gold Companion Urns
Companion urns in classic gold styling. Crafted from solid brass with hand engraved trim add to the ..
$399.00 $325.00
Bass Fishing Cremation Urn
The Lunker Bass Fishing Urn depicts a large mouth bass lurking in his brushy habitat. Earthy camofla..
$175.00 $150.00
Beloved Angel Cremation Urns
Angel wings encircle this urn, hand painted detail and marble finish add an elegant touch. Angels ar..
$225.00 $199.95
Black and Gold Deco Cremation Urn
Elegant black and gold cremation urn has hand etched art deco details. Design elements are both clas..
$185.00 $150.00
Black and Gold Heart Keepsake Urn
Elegant black and gold heart keepsake urn is solid brass and intended to store small amount of ashes..
$60.00 $35.00
Black Beauty Adult Urn
This popular adult urn style is solid brass with elegant black and gold hand engraved details. ..
$185.00 $85.00
Brave Heart Bronze Lion Keepsake Urn
The strength and courage of the lion is captured in our bronze-fill keepsake urn. Sculpted by an awa..
$199.99 $150.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Celtic Raku Cremation Urn
Gorgeous copper and gold glazed pottery fired with the Raku technique give this one of a kind urn re..
$185.00 $150.00
Elegant Etched Black Cat Urn
The elegance of our black and gold engraved cat urn pays tribute to the beauty and mystery of your f..
$60.00 $50.00
Feather Ceramic Cremation Urn
Ceramic cremation urn created by American artists and Inspired by American Indian pottery, the artis..
$175.00 $150.00
Floral Chalice Pewter Urn
Spun pewter finish accented with a geometric floral band in the classic chalice style. Secure top op..
$99.00 $50.00
Going Home Heart Infant Urn
Infant Urn with the Going Home theme. Blue heart shape urn has engraved doves of peace taking flight..
$125.00 $99.00
Green Egyptian Scarab Urn
Scarabs were the most popular good luck charm in ancient Egypt and scarab amulets were commonly buri..
$39.99 $25.00
Hummingbird Flight Urn for Ashes
Hummingbird Urn for ashes features a highly polished emerald green surface with mother of pearl humm..
$185.00 $165.00
Ivory Celtic Knot Photo Pet Urn
Photo pet urn with ivory Celtic knot design along the top and base of the urn. Made from high qualit..
$75.00 $50.00
Mystic Blue Urn for Ashes
Elegant urn for ashes in muted deep shades of blue and trimmed in silver hand engraved accents. ..
$185.00 $165.00
Pink Butterfly Urn for Ashes
Beautiful pink butterfly urn will store a small amount of ashes or cremation jewelry when not being ..
$59.99 $45.00
Presidential Flag Case Funeral Urn
Urn Garden has created a beautiful patriotic tribute to honor our fallen heroes. Our best value flag..
$425.00 $375.00
Pretty Pink Butterfly Memorial Urn
Celebrate the life of your loved one with our beautiful pastel pink and silver urn engraved and hand..
$185.00 $150.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Purple Passion Keepsake Urn
Sorry, sold out. This item is no longer available. Striking purple jewel tone keepsake crematio..
$30.00 $15.00
Raku Pottery Cremation Urn
One of a kind cremation urn handcrafted in the Ozarks by a master potter using the Raku pottery tech..
$165.00 $150.00
Rock of Ages Angel Keepsake Photo Urn
Angel photo-frame urn with angel resting along side the picture. Perfect keepsake size cremation urn..
$95.00 $70.00
Rock of Ages Angel Photo Urn for Children
Our child size urn features an angel offering a gift of flowers and eternal protection. The angel ha..
$95.00 $70.00
Rock of Ages Angel Picture Pet Urn
Rock style photo-frame urn with angel resting along side. Add a picture of your loved one to create ..
$95.00 $70.00
Ruby Red Cremation Urn
Perfect for a July birth date, our solid brass Ruby Red Cremation Urn is inspired by the urns of anc..
$185.00 $150.00
Sacred Banyan Wood Pet Urn
This pet urn is made from the Banyon tree, considered sacred in many Eastern cultures. Hand made in ..
$79.99 $25.00
Sand Shell Deep Water Bio Urn
Our shell urns are hand painted and made from sustainable materials. The surface is filled with tiny..
$265.00 $250.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Shamrock Cremation Urn
Shamrock Cremation Urn is a rich iridescent green and purple that changes with the light. Gold ..
$185.00 $165.00
Silver Engraved Keepsake Heart
Our engraved metal keepsake urn features the popular heart-shaped design. Intended to stor..
$60.00 $35.00
Sunflower Urn for Ashes
Sunflower urn for ashes are durable, dignified and easy to use. Each urn features a removable lid an..
$59.99 $35.00
Sunset Scattering Tube Urn
Designed to simplify the ash scattering ceremony, Sunset Scattering Tubes are biodegradable, durable..
$79.99 $35.00
Swordfish Urn for Ashes
Our beautiful swordfish keepsake urn represents the good natured spirit of one of the most stunning ..
$59.99 $45.00
Tears of an Angel Sculpture Urn
Tears of an Angel Cremation Urn is inspired by the memorial sculpture created by American artist Wil..
$299.95 $269.95
Tiger Eye Marble Pet Urn
Tiger Eye marble urn represents courage and protection. Natural stone beauty in various shades of br..
$135.00 $50.00
White Pearl Cremation Urn
White Pearl Cremation Urn is highlighted with a hand engraved band and is a beautiful memorial for t..
$185.00 $150.00
Wood Photo Urn
This simple but elegant wood urn is an economical choice for families that may be traveling with ash..
$185.00 $165.00
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