Funeral Urns

Funeral Urns

Funeral urns for ashes range in finishes like bronze, stainless steel, copper, pewter, brass, cloisonne and resin. Styles range in shape from simple cubes and vases to bronze sculpture that can be displayed at the funeral or memorial, kept in the home or a secure selection for burial at the cemetery. Brass cremation urns are an affordable secure choice.

Many metal urns can be decorated with art work and personalized with engraving, medallions, and military service medals that can be adhered to the urn surface to create a beautiful memorial. The easiest way to make a selection is to consider your loved one's favorite color or style. Birth month gem stones can be used as a color guide to help narrow your choices.

Choosing A Funeral Urn

Funeral urns are available in many styles and colors. Metal cremation urns are probably the most popular and are valued for their strength and security. Brass cremation urns are an affordable choice and are available in a rainbow of colors ranging from traditional silver and gold to purple, blue, pink, green, black or white.Optional engraving is available on most urns to identify and personalize your purchase, but may add an additional day to the shipment if done directly on the surface of the urn.

Many of the brass styles have matching keepsake urns available for families that want to divide or scatter the ashes later. On a smaller scale, cremation keepsakes in the form of jewelry or pendants are also available.

If you plan to have the urn present at the memorial service, we can arrange shipment directly to the funeral home or crematory and rush delivery may be an option. Most of the cremation urns featured in this category are suitable for burial, however, you may want to check with the mortuary or cemetery to find out if a vault is required. Although, not required by law in many states it is common practice in most cemeteries to use a vault to prevent the grave from sinking after a burial takes place.

Since planning a funeral isn't an activity you do everyday (thank goodness!) the process can be overwhelming. So many choices and decisions to make. We can help simplify the steps and help you create a loving memorial. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Peach Blossom Adult Cremation Urn
Peach Blossom cremation urn is a beautiful shade of light peach with silver a embossed floral patter..
Rainbow Cremation Urn
Rainbow Cremation Urn is a beautiful symbol of rising up and discovering the sunshine after the stor..
Sweetheart Rose Funeral Urn
Rose is the symbol of love and beauty, pink is the color of gentle love.High gloss lacquer finish. ..
Dance of Life Memorial Urn
Urns for ashes don't always have to be a vase or box shape, Dance of Life Memorial Urn is a free sta..
Turquoise and Pewter Cremation Urn
Beautiful turquoise color cremation urn can symbolize a December birthday.  Simple elegant vase..
$175.00 $75.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Purple Passion Urn
Purple Passion cremation urn is beautifully crafted with gradient shades starting with a light viole..
$125.00 $75.00
Sterling Butterfly Cremation Urn
Elegant vase shaped cremation urn with engraved silver butterflies in flight. Nice contrast of ..
$150.00 $99.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Cream Wash Season of Life Cremation Urn
Very elegant cremation urn in the Season of Life Collection. Solid brass urn in light cream with gol..
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