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Feather Ceramic Cremation Urn

Feather Ceramic Cremation Urn
Feather Ceramic Cremation Urn
Brand: Urn Garden
Product Code: 23-CORF
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Price: $225.00
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( Ray ) Q:

Hi I'm waiting on this urn and want to be the first buyer being I should have when you had those other 3 not realizing how fast they would go. Please let me know if and when more are coming in. Also I think y'all should make more Native American themed urns being hard to come by a good one that's affordable


I have you on a waiting list. Will contact you when they are available. 

( Mike McGuire ) Q:

When do you expect this urn to be back in stock? Thank you.


Hopefully in a couple of weeks. I can add you to a waiting list if you want. 

( Jeff ) Q:

Is this urn going to be back in stock soon? My father was a member of the Chippewa tribe in Michigan and I would love to get this for him.


I have one left. Just put it back in stock. 

( Ray ) Q:

Are you going to get the original one I seen a couple weeks ago with the feather on top? I think the one I want looks way better and am even willing to pay $185 though it said $165 . Please let know if will get in being I had wrote and was told a week or two but this one is different. I want the other what happened to that pic and why do these products have the same model number being not the same?


Please call me 1-888-876-1467. I can give you more information. 

( Ray ) Q:

Hi I wrote a couple weeks ago almost and asked about this Ernest but it was a little different it had a feather on top and cost 165 . This one is similar but not exact same. Will you get in any more of older style? Please let know asap so I can make up my mind. Thanks so much


We only received a few of these and none have the feather on the lid. 

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Ceramic cremation urn created by American artists and inspired by American Indian pottery. Feathers symbolize the flight of the spirit. Many ancient cultures from Celtic Druids, Egyptians, and early Christians used feathers to communicate virtues such as charity, hope, faith, and flight.The feathers are hand carved and baked into the clay, the urn has a creamy crackle finish, also known as horse hair. The urn is fired using the ancient Raku firing process and is a beautiful work of art.

This is a good choice for families that want to either keep the ashes in the home and spread or do a burial of the ashes at a later date. 

  • Urn is suitable for adult weighing up to 180 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 11" H x 7" W
  • Lid can be sealed with any clear household adhesive.
  • Made In USA
  • Handcrafted one of kind items can have variations. 

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