Silver Cremation Urn Jewelry

Silver Cremation Urn Jewelry

Silver cremation jewelry is a popular choice for families that want a small memorial to honor their loved one. Most of our silver cremation jewelry is quality American made, stamped with the .925 mark, and designed to hold tiny portions of ash. If you are looking for a way to create a small memorial that you can keep close to your heart, this might be the answer.

Most of our jewelry comes with black satin cording, however, 20 inch chains are available for purchase. All of our pendants come gift boxed with instructions and tools for filling. We suggest removing jewelry prior to bathing and sleep. Visit our Learning Center (add hyper link on caring and cleaning silver to discover tips on caring and cleaning silver to keep it from tarnishing and restore the shine.

Cremation jewelry and keepsakes became popular with the Victorians and is a highly sought after collectible known as memento mori. The jewelry of that era was usually handcrafted from hair, crushed flowers, jewelry, etc. and fashioned into brooches, memorial rings, and pendants.Today's jewelry for ashes is a modern twist on an old classic.

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Silver Peace Sign Urn Jewelry
This urn jewelry is made in America by jewelers that care about the memorials they craft. Quality st..
Silver Tree of Life Urn Jewelry
Tree of Life pendant is unique in that each branch is a separate compartment to store ashes. St..
Anchor Jewelry for Ashes
Beautiful anchor urn jewelry for ashes is made in the USA from stampled sterling silver. The anchor ..
Angel Jewelry for Ashes
Sweet angel jewelry contains a compartment in the wing to contain a tiny bit of ashes. A heart shape..
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Celtic Cross Cremation Jewelry Pendant
Celtic cross cremation urn pendant comes in your choice of stamped sterling silver or high qual..
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Days of Our Lives Cremation Pendant
An hour glass cremation pendant that can be filled with a trace amount of ashes is expertly crafted ..
Dragonfly Cremation Jewelry
Sweet sterling silver cremation jewelry inspired by nature. The dragonfly pendant is crafted by an A..
Serenity Now Cremation Jewelry Pendant
Serenity Now cremation jewelry pendant represents healing and renewal. Some people in the Christian ..
Silver Hummingbird Urn Jewelery
Hummingbird urn jewelry in stamped sterling silver with a compartment to hold a tiny memorial like a..
Silver Angel Wings Urn Jewelry
Silver angel wings urn jewelry represent elements of earth and air and keep a small sweet memorial c..
Infinity Sterling Silver Cremation Urn Jewelry
The ancient infinity symbol has been adapted into one of our most popular styles of urn jewelry and ..
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Sterling Silver Eternity Urn Necklace
An urn necklace that represents the cycle of life by blending the simplicity of the eternity symbol ..
Tree of Life Cremation Jewelry
Tree of Life cremation jewelry incorporates the ancient symbol used throughout the ages as a sign of..
Silver Celtic Cross Jewelry Urns
The Celtic Cross urn necklace is a popular style selection for our families. Delicate filigree desig..
Silver Four Leaf Clover Urn Necklace
The Four Leaf Clover urn necklace is a popular style with our families shopping for Celtic Irish urn..
Dogwood Flower Urn Pendant
We picked the dogwood blossom to recreate an urn pendant that reflect the spirit of spring, renewal ..
Green Leaf Urn Necklace
Our nature inspired cremation jewelry takes shape in our Green Leaf Urn Necklace crafted in enameled..
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Maple Leaf Cremation Pendant
Sterling silver maple leaf cremation pendant is a piece of fine jewelry that doubles as a necklace u..
Butterfly Urn Necklace
Our Sterling Silver Butterfly fine jewelry necklace urn holds a small loving memento and represents ..
Star Pendant Necklace Urn
Families love our fine jewelry urn necklaces and the star is special as it represents the power and ..
Italian Horn Urn Cremation Necklace
The Italian Horn Cremation Necklace holds a small amount of ashes.In many cultures, the horn is..
Ithicus Fish Urn Pendant
Silver urn pendant styled by American jewelers in the classic fish symbol to represent the..
Peace Sign Cremation Jewelry Keepsake
Cremation jewelry fashioned into the universal symbol of peace an transformed into a way to memorial..
Remembrance Ribbon Urn Jewelry
Our Remembrance Ribbon urn pendant can be worn as a statement to promote awareness of your special c..
Sea Turtle Jewelry for Ashes
Our Sea Turtle urn jewelry has a discreet compartment that holds a trace amount of ashes, lock or ha..
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Silver Dolphin Urn Jewelry
Sparkling dolphin urn jewelry holds a small loving memento of ash to remind you of the free spirit t..
Silver Sea Shell Cremation Jewelry
Cremation jewelry styled as a conch shell has a rich tradition in nautical legends and folklore as i..
Tear Drop Slide Urn Pendant
Discreet and delicate tear drop urn pendant holds a small amount of ashes or other small loving meme..
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Guitar Pick Keepsake Urn Necklace
The music lives on with our sterling silver urn necklace to honor your favorite guitar player. The p..
Sterling Silver Dove Urn Pendant
Our dove urn pendant is a fine jewelry necklace that holds a bit of ashes or other small loving meme..
Sweet Emotion Filigree Urn Necklace
Delicate, lacy design our sterling silver filigree urn jewelry necklace holds a small loving memento..
Sliding Rectangle Cremation Necklace
Families love this cremation necklace and the sturdy strong design. An updated version of mourning j..
Titanium Urn Necklace
Titanium is stronger than steel, but lustrous and lightweight. Our fine jewelry urn necklace is a mo..
Endless Love Silver Cylinder Urn Necklace
Contemporary styled urn pendant comes with your choice of sterling silver or 14K gold figure.  ..
Silver Urn Memorial Necklace
Sterling silver urn memorial necklace holds a small loving memento. This classic urn pendant can be ..
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