Cloisonne Urns

Cloisonne Urns
  • Secure Storage for the Ashes
  • Suitable for Burial
  • Affordable Work of Art that can be Displayed in the Home
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Blue Urn for Two
Oversized metal cremation urn holds two sets of adult ashes. Soft shades of blue on a floral backgro..
Pear Blossom Cremation Urn for Two
Cremation urn sized to store two sets of ashes. Soothing shades of soft sage signifies wisdom, white..
Pink Dahlia Cremation Urn
Elegant cremation urn in soft shades of pink in the decorative cloisonne style. Metal framework and ..
Azure Blue Cremation Urn
Metal cremation urn in shades of blue on a floral background is easy on the eye and soothing to the ..
Autumn Splendor Cremation Urn
Rich red, orange and gold falling leaves convey the change of season and circle of life. Many of our..
Blue Butterfly Cremation Urn
Butterflies symbolize earth and air. Many of our families select cloisonne urns when planning to kee..
Emerald Green Cremation Urn
This cremation urn is a rich deep color and will hold the ashes of an adult. Rich deep color, g..
Royal Blue Cremation Urn
Rich deep royal shades of blue and gold floral details make an elegant memorial with this cloisonne ..
Legends of the Fall Cremation Urn
Cremation urn in rich red, burnished orange and gold falling leaves to represent the changing season..
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Butterfly Cremation Urn
Cremation urns with butterflies symbolize earth and air. Many of our families select the cloisonne s..
Pear Blossom Cremation Urn
Soothing sage signifies wisdom, pear blossoms represent hope. Our metal cloisonne urn can be persona..
Purple Floral Cremation Urn
Soft Purple Floral cremation urn, featuring peonies, the symbol of honor and riches. This cremation ..
Purple Iris Cremation Urn
Purple Iris cremation urn symbolizes wisdom. Fine art metal cremation urn is excellent quality and c..
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Opal Essence Cremation Urn
Cremation urn in quiet calming shades of creamy white flowers reflect the seasons of life. This is a..
Dusty Pink Rose Cremation Urn
Pretty Dusty Pink Rose cloisonne funeral urn, the world wide symbol of love and devotion. Cloisonne ..
Pink Floral Cremation Urn
Vibrant pink is the universal color of love, this cremation urn features an abundance of flowers on ..
Peaceful Journey Cremation Urn
Peace of the departed soul and entry into glory is the theme of this cremation urn. Gorgeous cloison..
American Eagle Cremation Urn
Cloisonne is a multi stage process that layers brass, copper, and baked enamel to create a work of a..
Mountain Laurel Cloisonne Urn
Our stunning Mountain Laurel cloisonne urn features the stark contrast of the delicate lacy white Mo..
Cloisonne Keepsake Urns
When ashes are to be shared among several loved ones, or more than one person has been chosen to sca..
Forest Green Mini Urn
Cherish the memories with this mini urn in deep emerald green crafted in the cloisonne style. This g..
Small Urn for Ashes Legends Of The Fall Cremation Keepsake
Small urn for ashes in brilliant red, gold and orange. Matches our full size adult version of the Le..
Purple Iris Cloisonne Keepsake Urn
Cremation urn with purple Iris symbolizes wisdom and is a perfect memorial to honor a wise soul. Fin..
Royal Blue Cloisonne Keepsake Urn
Mini cloisonne urns are replicas of the adult size and hold a small amount of ashes. Royal Blue keep..
Small Butterfly Keepsake Urn
Small butterfly keepsake urn is handcrafted Cloisonne, a metal art form invented by the Chinese. Clo..
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