Ceramic Cremation Urns and Keepsake Urns

Ceramic Cremation Urns and Keepsake Urns
  • Each Ceramic Cremation Urn is a Work of Art
  • Pottery is One of the Most Ancient Art Forms
  • Natural Materials, Clay and Fire
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Raku Dragon Fly Urn for Ashes
One of kind Raku ceramic urn for ashes is crafted by talented American potters. These aritist create..
Plum Blossom Cremation Urn
Cremation urn created in beautiful blue ceramic hand painted snow white plum blossoms to represent 5..
Tea Rose Cremation Urn
Beautiful tea rose cremation urn crafted in ceramic with hand painted Double Delight roses, each pet..
Gingko Leaf Raku Urn for Ashes
Shades of green and copper highlight this urn for ashes thrown in the Raku pottery style. Fan shaped..
Copper Celtic Urn For Ashes
Copper Celtic urn for ashes is crafted using the Raku firing process to create brilliant flashes of ..
Copper Raku Pottery Cremation Urn
Raku pottery cremation urn with brilliant copper glaze and is one of our most popular styles. The Ra..
Dragon Fly Swirl Urn for Ashes
One of kind dragonfly urn for ashes swirls about on a green and copper glazed back ground.  Ins..
Celtic Knot Raku Cremation Urn
Gorgeous Celtic cremation urn hand thrown pottery and fired using the Raku technique...
Raku Pottery Cremation Urn
One of a kind cremation urn handcrafted in the Ozarks by a master potter using the Raku pottery firi..
Carolina Rose Cremation Urn
The Carolina Rose cremation urn is crafted from fine porcelain and made in America. Heirloom roses i..
Feather Ceramic Cremation Urn
Ceramic cremation urn created by American artists and inspired by American Indian pottery.American a..
Dark Blue Iris Cremation Urn
The Blue Iris cremation urn is crafted from fine porcelain and made in America. Blue iris with gold ..
Celtic Cross Ceramic Urn
Hand made ceramic cremation urn with a traditional Celtic cross intertwined pattern on the front. Ja..
Iris Flower Memorial Cremation Urn
Our Iris urn is porcelain and is inspired by the Royal summer gardens in Europe. The Iris memorial u..
Celtic Raku Cremation Urn
Cremation urn in gorgeous copper and gold glazed pottery fired with the Raku technique give this one..
Ceramic Cremation Urn
Simple and elegant, this ceramic cremation urn is created by a talented American artist. The clean d..
Hummingbird Ceramic Cremation Urn
Our simple white porcelain cremation urn features a hand drawn hummingbird in flight feeding on a fl..
Ceramic Hummingbird Urn Free Engraving
Nature is the source of inspiration in our simple white porcelain urn with a hand drawn hummingbird ..
Celtic Dragon Ceramic Urn
Celtic Dragon Urn is a hand-made ceramic cremation urn with a tea leaf green glaze. The dragon is su..
Chinese Dragon Funeral Urn
Unique cremation urns crafted in porcelain with a cobalt blue hand drawn Chinese dragon with five cl..
Gothic Dragon Cremation Urn
This unique cremation urn is an original artist interpretation of a classic medieval green dragon. H..
Black Berry Ceramic Urn
Leaves and berries of the blackberry plant are pressed into the clay to form natural impressions, th..
Woodland Raku Pottery Urn
This is a hand thrown pottery urn designed by an American master potter. The urn uses the horsehair ..
Maple Leaf Raku Urn for Ashes
Hand carved maple leaves are raised on the surface of this raku style cremation urn, giving it an al..
Raku Dragon Fly Urn
This ceramic urn is Raku fired elegance with a silhouette of a dragonfly on copper and blue glazes.&..
Ceramic Lighthouse Cremation Urn
Gorgeous hand thrown porcelain lighthouse cremation urn is made by American artists. Inspired by a l..
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