Bronze Urns

Bronze Urns

The Best Reasons to Buy Bronze

  • Made in America
  • Lasts Forever
  • Work of Art

Bronze is one of the most innovative metals of mankind and has been significant to any culture that encounters it. The beauty of this blend of copper and other metals creates a memorial that lasts a lifetime. With the exception of steel, bronze is superior to iron in nearly every application and will usually be some of the heaviest cremation urns, weighing in the range of 25-45 pounds which will command a higher price due to the artistry and casting process involved. Our artists use both the ancient lost wax and casting styles to produce these unique urns. Natural finishes, highly polished or painted surfaces, as well as an aged or patterned patina are available.


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Bronze Dolphin Cremation Urn
Our premium line of bronze cremation urns includes a trio of dolphins riding the ocean wave as a uni..
Pieta Bronze Urn for Two
The classic Pieta cremation urn for two is inspired by Italian sculpture and cast in bronze to last ..
Bronze Deer Cremation Urn
Our solid bronze deer cremation urn makes a beautiful memorial for the deer hunter or nature lover. ..
Bronze Eagle Urn Limited Edition
We've tried to capture the fierce beauty and proud independence of the American Eagle in a bronze cr..
Bronze Firefighter Helmet Cremation Urn
The bronze fireman helmet is a cremation urn that represents the courage and loyal spirit of the fir..
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Spirit of America Bronze Eagle Cremation Urn
The lofty spirit and journey of the majestic eagle is captured in our Spirit of America bronze crema..
Bronze Sea Shell Cremation Urn
The bronze shell urn represents the free spirit of the ocean. Our decorative sculpture urns are p..
Sea Turtle Bronze Cremation Urn
Cremation urn that captures the free flowing spirit of the sea turtle in our Glider Sea Turtle ..
Darling Rocking Horse Bronze Cremation Urn
We've tried to capture the spirit of the sweet spirit of a child's rocking horse in our bronze crema..
Baybrook Bronze Cremation Urn for Ashes
>Cremation urns that allow you to create a memorial in your home that is elegant and understated. Ba..
United Forever Bronze Cremation Urn
Bronze urn featuring two wedding bands intertwined symbolilzing unity forever and is double capacity..
Two Hearts As One Bronze Cremation Urn
Our bronze companion urn is a heart shaped double capacity vessel designed to hold the ashes of two ..
Bronze Urn for Ashes
Beautiful solid bronze memorial that can be displayed in the home without drawing attention to the f..
Pinecone Bronze Cremation Urn
Our Pinecone Bronze Cremation Urn uses the ancient symbol for eternal life. The pinecone has been fe..
Bronze Griffin Cremation Urn
Our highly detailed bronze griffin cremation urn is created by a world renowned urn designer.  ..
Dove of Peace Bronze Urn
Bronze urn featuring the sacred dove symbolizing hope, a gentle spirit, new possibilities and miracl..
Woodland Bronze Candle Urn for Ashes
This bronze cremation urn is simple and elegant, made in America by master metal artists.The Woodlan..
Bronze Semper Fi Cremation Urn
Semper Fi is a limited edition bronze urn, numbered and signed with a certificate of authenticity. T..
Bronze Helmet and Boots Cremation Urn
This cremation urn has been stylized in to a bronze helmet and boots sculpture urn called Stalwart, ..
Belle Fleurs Bronze Urn
Bronze urn in the traditional chalice style. Turquoise with a gold band of roses and topped with a d..
Remington Bronze Cremation Urn
The Remington is a cast bronze cremation urn created in a classic vintage style. Elegant slate finis..
Bronze Pieta Keepsake Urn
Decorative bronze sculpture keepsake urn for ashes depicting the classic Michelangelo artwork of Jes..
Bronze Eagle Keepsake Urn
This keepsake cremation urn captures the fierce beauty and proud independence of the American E..
Spirit of America Bronze Eagle Keepsake Urn
We've tried to capture the lofty spirit of the eagle in our Spirit of America bronze cremation urn, ..
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