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Thank you for visiting Urn Garden, you may be having a less than stellar day and that's how this whole business began, we're so honored to serve you.We are a small family owned operation and several years ago we were in a similar situation, looking for an cremation urn.The selection was slim in the local market. Most were overpriced and unattractive. This was in the early days of the internet and after a little research, it became very clear that cremation numbers were climbing and there was a definate need for attractive affordable memorials. We're grateful that you chose us during this difficult time to help create your personal tribute with quality cremation urns, jewelry, and memorial stones.

Over the years, we've carefully curated our catalog and built relationships with artists and suppliers that are dedicated to delivering the best options for the families in need. We're one of the few real stocking dealers with our main warehouse located in Springfield, Missouri; and distribution points in the midwest and on both coasts.

Based on experience, we've tried to keep it simple with proven best sellers, secure transactions, and stellar service. We'll ship direct to the funeral home or crematorium if needed. What we won't do is follow you around the internet with annoying ads or call or email to pressure you during an already stressful time. This site is dedicated to the friends and family that we have lost and is inspired by my grandmother, who started our tradition of dedicating a special plant or flower in the garden as a memorial to remember those we loved. We try not to be slaves to our own tastes, but my grandmother's philosophy was "if you love it, put a bird on it!" and based on that, we made an exception and created a collection of urns with bird themes to honor her memory.

When you need us, we're here.

Phone: 1-888-876-1476
Email: info@urngarden.com


Lenette, Owner, Sales, Marketing, Management
They say it comes in threes, and after 15 years and three life changing moments, Lenette left a career in advertising to navigate the digital marketing world and provide a meaningful service for families in their darkest hour.

Kirk, Owner, Technical Director
Manages our IT department and is a true American patriot. He loves electric guitar and is a boat captain.
Dan, Operations Manager
Originally from Florida, Dan is a golfer and St. Louis Cardinal fan, he oversees warehouse operations and order fulfullment.
Faye, Customer Service Manager
Greek garden goddess from St. Louis, she is a problem solver and makes sure everything runs smoothly.
Marla, Marketing and Graphics Director
Is an artist both digitally and with pastel paints to create award winning pet portraits.
Mary Beth, Marketing Department
From California, an author, copywriter and editor specializing in funeral education, end of life issues, and saving money.

Craig and Brad, Engraving Department
Twin brothers that add a personal touch to all of our memorials.

Athena: Director of Security

Athena enjoys the arrival of the mailman, Fed Ex, and UPS deliveries.

Where We Are

Urn Garden is based in heart of America. Specifically, Springfield, MO. The midwest is often dismissed as fly over country, and we're glad, because it's less crowded that way. We're on the beautiful Ozark Plateau, surrounded by hills, valleys,clean clear lakes, and rivers less than hours drive in any direction.

Springfield is the birthplace of Route 66 and the Ozarks are famous for hillbillies, but people often forget that creative geniuses like Johnny Cash, Brad Pitt, Maya Angelou, Sam Walton are just a few of the natives and is home to several leading national companies that are headquartered here such as Bass Pro Shops and O'Reilly Automotive.

Based on our central location and midwest values, we're able to hire hard working staff members and provide superior service to clients on both coasts. The families we serve will receive competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and most of all compassion. Most of the time orders ship from our main location, however, some of our inventory ships from other warehouses around the country.

Houston, Texas
Milbrae, California
Linden, New Jersey
Brooklyn, New York
Atlanta, Georgia
Sarasota, Florida
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Santa Fe, New Mexico
High Point, North Carolina
Seattle, Washington
Norman, Oklahoma

If you are in the Springfield area and would like to see our some of our urns up close, visit Theresa at 2030 S. Stewart, Suite 112. She can help you pick out a meaningful memorial and also design a custom sympathy piece or wreath that will be a beautiful tribute at your funeral service.

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